Half Night of Prayer

Chris Lane, Tutor and Lecturer at St Mellitus College, North West, tells us about their half night of prayer, which took place earlier this month.

On Monday 05 February, at St Mellitus College, North West we held our latest termly half night of prayer. After our teaching day we stayed at Liverpool Cathedral to pray from 6pm until midnight.

Praying for six hours seems like a daunting task, but it is surprising how fast the time goes, and really exciting to experience a wide variety of prayer. This month we had our record attendance of over 30 people, lots of them staying for the full six hours. Of course, our heroes Cuthbert and Aidan would stand in the freezing sea praying all night, so we are just scratching the surface.

It was amazing to experience lots of different kinds of prayer – we went to the Lady Chapel to pray the rosary, we banged drums in intercession, had moments of profound silence, prayed for each other to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and sang many passionate songs as we approached midnight. It was an evening to receive as well as to give, and there was a sense that God is doing something very special among us as we call out to him to bless our college, revive his church, and transform our nation.