Placement Church Information

As part of our full-time Ordinand and Youth Ministry programmes, students are required to be involved in ministry at a placement church.  Placements are usually three days a week, but can range from two to at most four days a week as agreed between the student, church, and College.

Students sometimes come to us with a firm idea of where they wish to be placed during their training, however potential students often contact us wanting us to find a placement church for them. This can often be a very good way for churches to find high quality staff, especially if they cannot afford a full-time staff member. 

If you are interested in having a student based with you for the duration of their training, please contact us to find out more regarding the specifics of becoming a placement church – just email [email protected].


ordinand placements

St Mellitus College will seek to work in collaboration with the sending dioceses DDO and/or Bishop to identify the most suitable context-based placement.  We are grateful to dioceses for suggestions of healthy missional placements which will facilitate appropriate leadership formation and strong supervision that meet the College’s criteria. St Mellitus College will ensure that dioceses are aware of the placement of ordinands, including ordinands from another diocese.

The sponsoring diocese may wish to be involved in the selection of the placement context but the TEI has responsibility for ensuring that the placement will provide appropriate training opportunities for the ordinand.

For the ordinand’s primary placement it is sometimes but not always the case that an ordinand will remain in their current context, where relational capital is already established which allows the ordinand to step into greater responsibility for mission and ministry in a way that enhances and accelerates their formation for leadership during training. Whether ordinands stay or move to a new context for training is always discussed in conversation with DDOs, Bishops and the College.

Please visit our Incumbents and Supervisors page for further information about placements churches for ordinands.


youth ministry placements 

St Mellitus College seeks to work in collaboration with Youth Ministry placements to identify the most suitable opportunities for the ministry formation of students enrolling on the Theology and Youth Ministry degree programme. Placement contexts apply to partner with St Mellitus College to enhance students’ learning, develop practitioner skills, and offer a wide range of opportunities for students to reflect on the interplay between theology and ministry.

Students may remain in their current context where they are already exercising ministry and leadership, or they may seek a fresh opportunity. Placement contexts are expected to offer appropriate financial support (including accommodation where appropriate) and commit to act as a placement for the duration of the student’s programme.  The strong three way dynamic between placement, college tutors and the student ensure that we’re all providing the best opportunity for students to flourish whilst in training, and enable them to offer a significant contribution to their ministry context.

Please visit our Youth Ministry Placements FAQs page for information about placement churches for Youth Ministry students.